Mel Wallis Author

Welcome to my page. I enjoy writing books and I am pleased to  say my new book "Dawn of the Sixties" is now available

In the book I attempt to take you back to a time when the 1950's turned into the 1960's Adults who were children at that time will relate to everyday things. Children reading the book will be amazed how things have changed and I nearly forgot the book has adventures too. I hope you will buy the book and I hope you enjoy a time that was very different to today


I was distracted from the window as my Mom asked me if I wanted some bread with my Ash (Ash is a type of stew with dumplings carrots and other vegetables and is then thickened into a thick soup, oh and yes it has meat) You know when I looked back out of the window there was no one there, no five witches calling my name just nothing but darkness that was being lit by the electric street light. In fact there was no one there at all, maybe they were real witches after all I thought to myself and I sat down to eat my ash.The plan for most of us on Halloween is for one of us to dress up tonight as Guy Fawkes and the rest of us to take in turns to push the dressed up one in a wheel barrow and knock on doors asking a penny for the Guy

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Now available in paperback and kindle from amazon

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